My Wishlist

Well because I'm in the egl sales community and various others, I decided to make a wishlist of things I'm looking for/taking inspiration from.

My Dream Dress *_*

^Victorian Maiden's Giulietta dress <3 It's so beautiful in this colour, but also in antique white and brown. Not a brand person, but if I ever get the chance to get a brand item, I will choose this one. Currently learning how to sew Juliette sleeves.^^

I hate most AP prints except this one. I'm looking for the bag especially.

Melty Chocolate tote bag
Melty Chocolate skirt in mint
(I love After Eight (mint + chocolate) colour combinations)

Lace Residence Heart-Shaped Bag in cream <3

Kidsyoyo Violin Rose Muff

H&M Cardigan in dusty rose

I want this cardigan in any colour but it's sold out anywhere I look.*_*

Innocent World

Antique Book socks in blue, bordeaux or beige

Aliese Cape


Stained Glass Seraphim <3

Victorian Maiden

Frill Check Dress in blue

Chopiniana Halterneck Dress in white or blue

I really like this kind of design, the examples are from Innocent World, but I like and would even prefer anything that isn't brand too.

In addition I'm looking for Sweet-style socks in the light blue, lavender and mint colour scheme. I dislike the overloaded sweet and the porcelain doll Sweet style but I'm more after...a Sweet Classic Casual kind? Well you see, I'm not looking for socks with too much going on on the prints but anything not overloaded in these colours is always welcome.^^

Items I am not particularly looking for but still like

Angel Relief (BtSSB)

Angel Land (IW)

Spanviera Skirt (IW) in navy, brown or maple pink, and anything in that style